Mission Statement

Established since 1970, Textile Asia caters for a specialised readership which embraces the economic decision-making elite in the industry.

This monthly magazine is indispensable for everyone concerned with textile trade, manufacturing, fashion trends, engineering needs, management changes and development of new plant and equipment in the industry.

It offers news and comment on the current state of cotton, wool, silk and manmade fibre textile trade and industry - including finishing and garments - throughout Asia.


Booking Deadlines

Orders are accepted by post or fax and must reach our Head Office on the 1st day of the month preceding the month of publication, unless notified in advance by our office of special early publication. (Front cover: confirmation - 6 months in advance)

Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content (including text, representation and illustrations) of advertisements printed, also for any claims arising therefrom against the publisher.

Publication Date: Third week of each month.

G.P.O Box 185
Hong Kong
Suite 1701, 17/F
The Centre Mark, 287-299 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong SAR, China

Tel: (852) 25233744
Fax: (852) 28106966
email: texasia@biznetvigator.com

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